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TOA stands for Te reka of Angitu.  In english this means "the sweet taste of success".  The initials TOA also stand for Victorious or Champions.   The TOA group is made up of parents, community member and staff who aim to see our maori students be the very best they can be in order that they reach their full potential.  We hope to achieve our aim by:


  • being a voice for Maori at both a management level as well as a governance level.
  • providing the expertise, knowledge and connections needed by staff.
  • developing and overseeing a number of school based projects.
  • developing opportunities for our Maori Community to become more involved with the school in a partnership that benefits all.


The TOA meet up to twice a month.  The hui are usually on wednesday starting at 7pm.  We would love to see you come along and be involved.  If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Ed  in the office, or Matua Paul.