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Lakeview PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The PTA has an important role to play at Lakeview. We carry out activities throughout the year in support of all children’s learning and social programmes, particularly through fundraising. The funds we raise are allocated to such things as helping subsidise school trips, wet-day activities, musical instruments, sports equipment, fruit trees, landscaping, sports uniforms, kapa haka piupiu etc.


The main event the PTA organises is the annual Gala. This is a huge event, and one we rely on help from the entire school community to make it work. Throughout the rest of the year we are hands on at events such as pet day, discos etc.


As the name says, we are made up of parents and teachers. We encourage parents to join us, as it is a great way to meet other parents, and staff, and do something practical towards supporting the school. We meet on Tuesday evenings, about every 6 weeks, at 5pm in the staff room, for about 1 hour. Children are very welcome to come along. In term 1 we meet more often, to sort out the Gala, and it is then that we really need extra people to come along and help.


There are currently 4 parents on the PTA. That’s FOUR, out of a role of over 450 children! Three of us are leaving at the end of 2013, so we REALLY REALLY need you to consider coming along to GET INVOLVED!!! Most of us are working full time, but we still find the time to do this for our own and your children. It is not a big job, but one that would be more effective and a lot more fun with more support from the school community.


If you are able to participate, please either contact the school, or come along to the meetings. We would love to see you!


Kate Spackman  (Chairperson)