Engaged and empowered to achieve excellence



Senior Management


Role Name Email
Principal Tim Nelson tnelson@lakeviewschool.info
Deputy Principal Polu Luatua pluatua@lakeviewschool.info


Role Name Email
Office Manager Lynne McCartney admin@lakeview.school.nz
Office Assistant Raewyn Keen rkeen@lakeviewschool.info
Office Assistant Nic Spencer nspencer@lakeviewschool.info
Librarian Anne Goodall agoodall@lakeviewschool.info

Senior Syndicate (Years 7-8)

Class Name Role Email
6 Alecia Pepper Joint Syndicate Leader ahayes@lakeviewschool.info
2 Jodie Kaui Joint Syndicate Leader jkaui@lakeviewschool.info
5 Josh Vergunst Classroom Teacher jvergunst@lakeviewschool.info
1 James Church Classroom Teacher jchurch@lakeviewschool.info

Senior Middle Syndicate (Years 5-6)

Class Name Role Email
16 Erin Williams Syndicate Leader ewilliams@lakeviewschool.info
11 Annie Siegrist Classroom Teacher asiegrist@lakeviewschool.info
15 Amanda Fowlds-Hartley Classroom teacher afowldshartley@lakeviewschool.info
14 Erena McCann Classroom Teacher emccann@lakeviewschool.info

Junior Middle Syndicate (Years 3-4)

Class Name Role Email
8 Michelle Kerr Syndicate Leader mkerr@lakeviewschool.info
7 Paul Andersen Classroom Teacher (on study leave) pandersen@lakeviewschool.info
7 Chelsea Street Classroom Teacher cstreet@lakeviewschool.info
9 Natasha Bancroft Classroom Teacher nbancroft@lakeviewschool.info
10 Sue Singh Classroom Teacher ssingh@lakeviewschool.info
10 Valmai Holmes Classroom Teacher vholmes@lakeviewschool.info

Junior Syndicate (Years 0-2)

Class Name Role Email
Super Starters - R 23 Rosemary Thorpe Syndicate Leader rthorpe@lakeviewschool.info
R 21 Suzanne Jarvis and Ange Luatua Classroom Teacher sjarvis@lakeviewschool.info
19 Marilyn O’Neale Classroom Teacher moneale@lakeviewschool.info
18 Andrea Collett Classroom Teacher acollett@lakeviewschool.info
20 Trasna Graham Classroom Teacher tgraham@lakeviewschool.info

Teacher Aides

Anne Vatselias
Kim McKinley
Shona Henwood
Maree Eastwood
Trini Aporo
Catherine Lipinski
Faith Traill
Jasmine Bunny
Letitia Burns
Liz Whitehead
Matt Traill
Pip Hannon
Sandie Bain
Selina Fraser
Sharlene O'Connell
Tara Lindsay
Tina Patrick
Vicky King

Learning Support

Name Role Email
Dawne Bird ORS release teacher dbird@lakeviewschool.info
Suzanne Jarvis STARS Programme sjarvis@lakeviewschool.info
Nicola Bradley ORS/CRT release teacher nbradley@lakeviewschool.info
Deidre Hodgkinson Part time teacher dhodgkinson@lakeviewschool.info
Rauweti Strickland SWIS
Karen Stewart Teacher Release
Margyn Hilhorst ORS release teacher mhilhorst@lakeviewschool.info
Di Manson CRT release teacher
Jo Woodcock ORS release teacher
Molly Pope Teacher Release
Sue Percy Teacher Release
Tony Lockington CRT release teacher